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The Voices of Adoption community has been created by and for adoptees, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, authors, birth-parents and experts in the fields of medicine, social work and advocacy, as well as all others who have been touched by adoption.

All of us in the adoption community are part of an on-going conversation. We must learn to listen, support, respect, and grow through our interactions with one another. Thank you for sharing in this journey. Below you will find articles written by members of the adoption community who willingly share their experiences. If you would like to become a part of this project, please visit our sign up area

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Recent Contributions by Adoption Voices
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From Sugar and Spice to Snails and Slugs By Cori Mohr
Letting Go of the Dream of a Daughter to Embrace a Son
and the art of juju parenting
The True Secret of Parenting Success By Jean MacLeod
(and it's not an iPhone!)
Middle Aged Mom @ New Seoul Garden By Jean MacLeod
Adventures in Transracial Parenting
Nurturing the Past: Preserving Relationships for Our Children Post-Placement By Cori Mohr
Life did not begin for our child the day they joined our families. Parents can overcome barriers to preserve and cultivate a connection with someone from our child’s past until they can reconnect themselves.
Adventures in Multicultural Living--From Kung Fu Fighting to Obon Dancing By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Dancing with Little Brother, I think about Mokuren dancing for joy. He was overcome, so he danced. We are dancing to remember his joy.
Being surprised by the lunar calendar, dragon boat festival, and the sudden maturity of our children By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Adventures in Multicultural Living
Adventures in Multicultural Living Seeking the wisdom of our elders, including legendary civil rights activist and author Grace Lee Boggs By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Seeking the wisdom of our elders, including legendary civil rights activist and author Grace Lee Boggs
Adventures in Multicultural Living Remembering the dolls of Girls' Day, facing forward from Japan's tsunami By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Thinking about Girls' Day for Women's History Month, Japan's tsunami, and idiots re ""payback for Pearl Harbor""
Catch Them Before They Fall By Jean MacLeod
This may be one of the most important things you ever do for your tween or teen...
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Adoption Voices Spotlight  
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Dr. George Rogu
Dr. George Rogu Dr. Rogu is the Medical Director of AdoptionDoctor more...
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Christine "Cissy" White
Christine "Cissy" White I'm a stay-at-home feminist, parent to one child more...
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RainbowKids . Rainbowkids
Kay Montes
Kay Montes I am the mother of ten practically perfect in ev more...
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RainbowKids . Rainbowkids
Robin Bartko
Robin Bartko Robin Bartko is an adoptive parent and founder o more...
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RainbowKids . Rainbowkids
Dr. Julian Davies
Dr. Julian Davies Dr. Julian Davies is a Clinical Associate Professo more...
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RainbowKids . Rainbowkids
Dr. Mark Lerner
Dr. Mark Lerner Dr.Mark Lerner is a Clinical Psychologist, Autho more...
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RainbowKids . Rainbowkids
Leslie Zindulka
Leslie Zindulka Ms. Leslie Zindulka, L.C.S.W.-R is a New York S more...
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Cherri Walrod
Cherri Walrod As you venture on your adoption journey, I hope yo more...
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